For many of us, there never seems to be a ‘good’ time to have your portraits taken. The most common response I get is: " Oh, but I need to lose weight, I will after I come back from holiday so I have a tan, I need to change the colour of my hair."

As time goes on, the more we use our smartphones, the more our memories are forgotten on someone's phone and even lost forever! Don't just look at your most precious images from a tiny screen. Exist in photos for your self and for your family, but print them, display them, love, and cherish them forever! Mother Daughter sessions are some of my favourite.

My mum is my best friend. Recently I got to pamper my beautiful mum with a photoshoot together, getting our hair and makeup done, watching one another be photographed, spending the day laughing, reliving old memories and making new ones together.

Capturing the love between a mother and daughter on camera is such a wonderful experience and I love creating the images that tell the story of that very precious relationship. Whether it be a mother with her very young daughter, child, teenager or grown woman of her own, the bond I see, is always beautiful to watch and photograph.

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