I specialise in Contemporary Women's Portraiture, which is a magazine style inspired photo session designed for the everyday women.Based in Windsor, Berkshire UK and willing to travel.

I love giving clients a fun, transformative experience and to feel like a celebrity in a magazine shoot for a day. Whether you need to update your business profile, a family portrait for the holidays, or you just want a portrait with your husband, wife, mother, daughter, sister or your best friend.

You don't have to be photogenic or wait to lose 10 or 20 pounds–I can make you look and feel amazing just as you are now.Sessions are designed to pamper and celebrate everything about my clients. To make you feel as beautiful and worthy as you really are!I

I take pride in being one of the best portrait photographers based in Berkshire, UK. But the most important and rewarding thing has always been, the love I have for photographing women and giving them the confidence to exist in photos. 

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